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N Apartment


Tel Aviv

size. 100 sqm

Translucent plastic box was created in the center of this modular apartment in Tel Aviv.

The apartment was originally divided to 3 bedrooms and a living room while the entrance is located in the middle of the corridor, getting no natural light and a blank wall right in front of it. Typical situation for Tel Aviv dense buildings. The client, a young entrepreneur, wanted to maximize the feeling of openness and lightness as much as possible to fit his life style. In order to achieve that, we realized that the master bedroom has to be modular and see through.

Translucent box, consist of the master bedroom, was created in the middle of the apartment to allow as much as natural light to penetrate the space. The box, made from plastic mesh folding panels, open from the bedroom to the living room- merging these two rooms together to one open space where boundaries are blurred. On the corridor side of the box, two openings were created; one for the master bedroom entrance and one for a coat cupboard.

Reflecting PVC ceiling mirroring the openings and the surroundings creating an illusion of double height space. The ceiling together with the box and the glass partition of the master bathroom bath, allow boundaries in this apartment to fade away and light to be constantly present.

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