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G Apartment


Tel Aviv

size. 85 sqm

Photos: Beller

​Light birch casework defined the space of this apartment in central Tel Aviv, renovated for a young couple, both doctors, and their 3 years old son. 

The existing apartment was divided into 6 separate rooms: two bedrooms and a living room facing the street, a kitchen, a bathroom and an entrance hallway- typical 1950 Tel Aviv apartment. 

 The clients asked to focus on two main aspects: making the apartment light and airy, and having lots of storage space as doctors tend to be kind of messy between hospital long hours shifts. 

To meet their expectations, we designed a long open space connecting the entrance with the living area and its wide facade. This space is defined by a light birch casework compound of the room entrances and multiple storage areas- starting with a coat cupboard and hidden service appliances niche in the entrance, and continuing with a general storage area in the hallway, ending with the kitchen itself.

 This linear element becomes the highlight of the apartment. The floor and surrounding walls designed to be as clean as possible in order to complement it.

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