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RE Duplex


Duplex ApartmentTel Aviv.

Size. 230 sqm

Photos: Beller

Styling: Danielle Kedem

Translucent bookcases play a defining role in delineating the space of this duplex in Tel Aviv

Tailored for a young family, this 230-square-meter duplex, initially constructed in the 1990s, underwent a complete demolition and was entirely rebuilt from scratch.
The common areas of the flat are configured to facilitate multiple functions within a single space.

Frosty Perspex bookcases were crafted to function as partitions between spaces. On the lower level, they discreetly separate the living room and home office, while on the upper level, these bookcases seamlessly link the TV lounge and the children's playroom. The choice of translucent material for these partitions fosters an atmosphere of openness and fluidity, enhancing the interconnected feel between these distinct areas.

The interior design is curated with vibrant and reflective tones, fostering a lively atmosphere. The implementation of natural wood, raw concrete, and a light color palette contributes to the creation of a welcoming ambiance throughout the space.

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